The Newell Family of Adwell

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The compilation of these generations has been made  with information taken from a series of Wills.  The layout follows the convention of following a line as far as possible before returning to the next sibling.  The number indicates the generation starting from the marriage below. 

Bearing in mind the repeated use of the same forenames, errors may have occurred when matching events to names. 

Please contact me if you have any corrections or additions to offer.

Dates are as given in the PRs so will be Old Style prior to 1752

Events written in this colour are ones of which I am fairly certain

Events written in this colour have yet to be corroborated



1.Christopher NEWELL was married to Susan BIGGE married 27 July 1590 Radnage, BKM

He is described as a yeoman of Stokenchurch, BKM in his Will made 1634 proved 1635.

In addition to the grandchildren appearing in generation 3 below, he also mentions the following grandchildren surnamed EDWARDS:-Christopher, Susan, Zachery, Henry, William, Alice, Anne, Ellianor and Jane


--2.William NEWELL

----3.Susan NEWELL bap 21 Oct 1621 Radnage

----3.Jane NEWELL bap 17 Aug 1623 Radnage

----3.Mary NEWELL bap 27 Jun 1630 Radnage

--2.Thomas NEWELL bap 27 Dec 1590 Radnage married Jeminy?

----3.Christopher NEWELL bap 13 Oct 1629 Radnage

----3.Thomas NEWELL

----3. Susan NEWELL

----3.Ambrose bap 17 Jul 1638

--2.Henry NEWELL is left Saunderton Grange

--2.Ambros(sic) NEWELL

--2.Jane NEWELL married Nicholas WESTON 19 Nov 1617 Radnage

----3.Christopher WESTON

----3.Nicholas WESTON

----3.Thomas WESTON

----3.Susan WESTON

----3.Jane WESTON

----3.Elizabeth WESTON

--2.Susan NEWELL







--2.Alice NEWELL



--2.Joane NEWELL

--2.Christopher NEWELL married Anne.  He made his Will in 1668 when described as a Yeoman of Pophleys in Stokenchurch.  He was buried 4 Jun 1670 Adwell, OXF

----3.Christopher NEWELL born before 1634 makes no reference to a wife in his Will proved 1678.  He was a cleric, and was ejected from the parish of Bloxham for his non-conformity.  He was Rector of Adwell 1677-78 and buried there 21 Aug 1678.

----3.Sarah NEWELL married unknown SALE after 1668.

------4.Samuel SALE

------4.Sarah SALE

----3.Susanna NEWELL married unknown LAMBORNE before 1668

------4.Richard LAMBORNE

------4.Anne LAMBORNE

----3.Mary NEWELL married unknown SHAPPEND? after 1668

----3.Anne NEWELL married Henry FRANCKLYN.  She was buried 13 Jan 1708 Adwell, Henry 1 Jun 1663 Adwell.  Henry owned land in Adwell.  In his Will, Anne's father Christopher stated that he would give 500 to the 3 daughters of Anne and Henry if they would sign over their rights to his Executor (Christopher NEWELL, Clerk of Adwell).  A few years later in his own Will, Christopher the Clerk offered 200 in addition to the aforementioned 500 if Anne and Hester would sign over their rights to his Executor, his brother William NEWELL.  They presumably did so, as William became Lord of Adwell.

------4.Anne FRANCKLYN

------4.Mary FRANCKLYN married Francis CARTER 10 Oct 1676 South Weston OXF.  Mary was buried 23 Oct 1707, Francis 15 Apr 1716 South Weston.

------4.Hester FRANCKLYN bap 12 Feb 1662 Adwell.

----3.William NEWELL born before 1634 married Frances WADE 6 May 1660 Princes Risborough, BKM.  He became Lord of Adwell, and was buried there 29 Jan 1696.  His Will was made in 1693 and proved in 1698.  His eldest son John was bequeathed land in Stokenchurch and Radnage, his second son William was bequeathed the Manor of Adwell.  Frances was buried 30 Nov 1727 Adwell.

------4.Anne NEWELL bap 24 Jul 1664 Princes Risborough, BKM

------4.Mary NEWELL married John WEBB 16 Nov 1685 Adwell

--------5.Christopher WEBB born before 1693

--------5.John WEBB born before 1693

--------5.Mary WEBB born before 1693

------4.Sarah NEWELL

------4.Jane NEWELL buried 25 Feb 1734

------4.Joseph NEWELL

------4.John NEWELL married Elizabeth STEVENSON

------4.Christopher NEWELL married Ann GREEN 24 Oct 1699 Tetsworth, OXF.  Ann was buried there 8 Apr 1707.

--------5.Christopher NEWELL bap 1 Jul 1701 buried 14 Jul 1701 Tetsworth

--------5.John NEWELL bap 3 Mar 1707 married Ann, possibly his second cousin.  He was buried 25 Dec 1753 Adwell,

Anne 5 May 1779 Adwell

----------6.Christopher NEWELL bap 22 Apr 1728 buried 12 Mar 1748 Adwell

----------6.Elizabeth NEWELL bap 2 Sep 1729 married John CROXFORD 13 Oct 1748 Adwell

----------6.John NEWELL bap 27 Jan 1730 buried 30 Nov 1739 Adwell

----------6.Joseph NEWELL bap 22 Nov 1732 Aston Rowant, OXF married Dennis HILL 14 Nov 1765 Thame, OXF buried 13 Jul 1778 Adwell. 

------------7.John NEWELL buried 3 Mar 1778 Adwell

------------7.Ann NEWELL bap 16 Jul 1768 Chalgrove, OXF married William GRAY 4 Jun 1794 Chalgrove buried 30 Mar 1823 Chalgrove.  She is the first NEWELL ancestor to appear in my tree.  Go to Chalgrove, OXF for her children.

----------6.Anne NEWELL bap 17 Sep 1734 Aston Rowant married John VARNOM 26 Oct 1755 Aston Rowant

----------6.Esther NEWELL bap 12 Nov 1736 Aston Rowant married William COLES 17 Jul 1757 Adwell

----------6.Mary NEWELL bap 13 Dec 1738 Aston Rowant married Moses WEST 28 Jul 1773 Adwell

----------6.William NEWELL bap 31 Dec 1740 Aston Rowant

----------6.John NEWELL bap 19 Jan 1742 Adwell

----------6.Thomas NEWELL bap 11 Fen 1744 Adwell

----------6.Sarah NEWELL bap 22 Apr 1747 Adwell

----------6.Jenny NEWELL bap 28 Oct 1750 Adwell

------4.William NEWELL married 1)Mary RYE 7 Jul 1668 Emmington, OXF (recorded in Adwell PRs) by whom he had all his children and 2)Catherine SCOTT, widow 27 Oct 1709 at Holywell, OXF (also recorded at Adwell).  Mary was buried 8 Oct 1707 Adwell, Catherine 26 Dec 1728 Adwell and William 5 Feb 1729 Adwell.  William's brother Christopher had been bequeathed the presentation of the Rectory at Adwell by their father, but it was William who became Rector.

--------5.Mary NEWELL bap 9 Jun 1699 Adwell buried 13 Jul 1740 Adwell

--------5.William NEWELL bap 27 Oct 1701 Adwell married Esther COOPER.  He became Rector after his brother John, and was buried 31 Oct 1747 Adwell.  Esther was buried 14 Feb 1785 Adwell.  A Grant of Arms was made to Esther and Elizabeth NEWELL (daughter) on 24 Mar 1755, extended to include descendants of Elizabeth's grandfather William of Adwell.

----------6.Elizabeth NEWELL bap 29 Jul 1743 Adwell married James JONES in 1787.  She was buried 29 Jan 1820 Adwell, leaving the manor house to Miss Frances WEBB.  She was the daughter of John WEBB and Arabella FETTIPLACE, Arabella the daughter of Frances FETTIPLACE, sister to Elizabeth FETTIPLACE who marries John NEWELL (see below).

--------5.John NEWELL bap 27 Oct 1703 Adwell buried 23 Nov 1731 Adwell.  He was Rector 1729-31.  He died following a fall from his horse at Shotover, OXF.

--------5.Christopher NEWELL bap 21 Sep 1704 Adwell married Elizabeth.  He was buried 13 Apr 1737 Adwell.  His widow went on to marry William HOUSE and had at least one child by him, also named William HOUSE.  William HOUSE junior adopted the NEWELL surname following the death of his half brother William NEWELL in 1778.  In his own Will proved 1790, the former William HOUSE is described as a gentleman of Pophleys and all his family are now NEWELLs including his 2 sons William Christopher and John.

----------6.William NEWELL buried 27 Nov 1778 Adwell (from Henley on Thames, OXF)

----------6.Elizabeth NEWELL buried 31 Aug 1772 Adwell

--------5.Elizabeth NEWELL bap 11 Aug 1706 Adwell married Thomas COOPER of South Weston 3 Sep 1726 New College Chapel, OXF (recorded at Adwell)

--------5.Thomas NEWELL bap 2 Oct 1707 Adwell married 1)Frances FOX 4 Jan 1734 Burghfield, BRK and 2)Meliora CLARKE. Frances was buried 31 Mar 1739  Adwell, Thomas was buried 22 Apr 1777 Adwell and Meliora 11 Oct 1782 Adwell-but the registers note the family was from Henley on Thames. 

----------6.Susan NEWELL (1) buried 16 Feb 1736 Adwell from Henley on Thames

----------6.Mary NEWELL (1) married George BIRCH 22 Dec 1770 Henley on Thames

------------7.John William BIRCH.  He inherited the manor of Adwell in due course, and a Royal Licence of 1847 allowed him to adopt the name and Arms of Newell.  He was then known as John William Newell BIRCH.

------------7.Thomas BIRCH married Etheldred Anne REYNARDSON on 3 Jun 1806 at St Mary-St Marylebone Road, London and became BIRCH REYNARDSON after 1812. His son Henry inherited Adwell Manor.

----------6.Samuel NEWELL (2) married Jane Sarah BARKER 30 Dec 1775 Henley on Thames.  He became Rector of Adwell and also of Ickford, BKM (also in the patronage of the NEWELL family) 1775-1802.  He was buried 18 Oct 1802 Adwell.

------------7.Elizabeth NEWELL buried 9 Aug 1788 Adwell from Ickford

------------7.Christopher NEWELL buried 25 Apr 1802 Adwell from Ickford

------------7.Philip NEWELL buried 12 Aug 1785 Adwell from Ickford

------------7.St John NEWELL buried 14 Oct 1781 Adwell from Tiddington, OXF

------------7.Meliora NEWELL

------------7.Ann NEWELL

------------7.Elizabeth NEWELL

----------6.Meliora NEWELL (2)

----------6.Thomas NEWELL (2)

----------6.William NEWELL (2) buried 5 Jul 1748 Adwell from Henley on Thames

----------6.Anna Maria NEWELL (2) buried 1 Aug 1752 Adwell from Henley on Thames

----3.John NEWELL married 1) Mary buried 21 Sep 1678 Adwell and 2) Ann.  John was buried 23 Oct 1680 Adwell.  All children by his first wife.

------4.Mary NEWELL

------4.Anne NEWELL bap 4 Jun 1668 Adwell

------4.Susan NEWELL buried 27 Dec 1668 Adwell

------4.Anne NEWELL bap 27 Dec 1669 Adwell

------4.Sarah NEWELL bap 18 Apr 1672 Adwell

------4.Christopher NEWELL bap 17 Jun 1675 Adwell married Elizabeth.  He was buried 19 Apr 1744 Adwell from Postcombe, OXF.

--------5.Ann NEWELL bap 12 Aug 1711 Lewknor, OXF.  I believe she may be the second cousin who marries John NEWELL bap 1707 the son of Christopher NEWELL and Ann GREEN (see above).  This is because her father in his Will proved 1744 makes provision for his evidently unmarried daughter Elizabeth, then mentions his other daughters Mary ROLLS, Ann NEWELL, Sarah WIDMER and then his son in law John NEWELL.  But there is no record of a suitable marriage in either OXF or BKM.

--------5.Sarah NEWELL bap 16 Oct 1714 Lewknor married John WIDMER 19 Aug 1740 Lewknor.

--------5.Elizabeth NEWELL

--------5.Jane NEWELL buried 22 Nov 1716 Adwell from Lewknor

--------5.Hester NEWELL married Henry WARNER 5 Jan 1739 Thame, OXF

--------5.Mary NEWELL married unknown ROLLS

------4.John NEWELL married Elizabeth FETTIPLACE 25 Sep 1689 Lewknor.  He was buried 24 Oct 1720 Thame.

--------5.Elizabeth NEWELL bap 9 Mar 1691 Lewknor married John MASON 25 Feb 1709 Fulbrook, OXF

--------5.Mary NEWELL bap 13 Mar 1694 Lewknor buried 6 Jan 1701 Adwell

--------5.Hester NEWELL bap 15 Feb 1698 Lewknor